About Us


Freret & Napoleon is a New Orleans based marketing firm and communications consultancy focused on making your brand as special as our city.  


Established in 2014, Freret & Napoleon started as a handmade oyster shell jewelry brand in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our founder, Tiffany Langlinais drew inspiration from her Uptown neighborhood and funneled all of her creative energy into making perfect little jewels that showed off a little history and pizzazz. Our name came from the literal cross section of Freret Street and Napoleon Avenue. In actuality, the beginnings of the brand was more like Freret Street and General Pershing Street, one block over (but hey, that's not as great of a brand name, right?).

From dainty oyster shell crowns to oyster bracelets and oyster rings, F&N lovingly added a touch of the Gulf Coast to each design.

Debuting in New Orleans Fashion Week, the, then, jewelry brand was featured in several regional fashion shows across the southeast and sold in 55 stores across the SouthEast. Tiffany also served as a local ambassador of the city for CNN GO and brought her oyster magic to the international stage.

Since then, Tiffany has learned the ins and outs from her many entrepreneurial endeavors in brand building and has evolved Freret & Napoleon into a specialty marketing boutique agency that understands how important it is to create a relationship with your customers. We handle everything from creating and maintaining your digital persona while driving website traffic with high-quality, editorial content to growing your social community and maintaining a local and personal voice to keep the audience engaged. 

A lot of businesses may not have the time, expertise and/or staff to manage your online and social media presence in the right manner. Why not let the experts take care of it? 

Our team of experts can give your brand a 100% personal touch with an equally needed, professional approach. From New Orleans to beyond, our clientele reaches from coast to coast and internationally.We're here to take the guesswork out of your marketing. Outsource your marketing to us and you concentrate on what you're best at!

Send us some love by emailing Tiffany@FreretNapoleon.com today. We'd love to hear from you!


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